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Re: Are Adobe's wheels coming off?

ezra wrote:

> An additional insult added to this injury is Adobe's decision to drop
> Acrobat support on UNIX (other than the Reader). This makes tatters of
> any effort to use PDF in the document creation/revision/edit/publish
> company workflow in a cross-platform environment that includes UNIX.

There's quite a bit of UNIX software that generates PDF, almost all
of it free.


Someone else in this thread said they're using HTML for their online
format now. XML is now viable for many applications. And while many
people have Acrobat Reader, almost *everybody* has a web browser.

If Adobe wants our business, regardless of our platform of choice,
they will listen. If they don't want our business, there are plenty
of alternatives (and I'm not talking about Microslobber).

	I'd rather switch than fight.

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