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Solved: A FrameMaker .toc question

To everyone who offered suggestions:

On behalf of my coworker (and myself), thanks for all your suggestions. He found the that problem was caused by paragraph tags in the TOC file setup. To paraphrase his own words:

   I thought you'd like to know that I found a solution to my TOC question.  I tried all the suggestions that everyone
   sent me, but nothing worked.  I then noticed that the material that was formatted in the default FrameMaker style
   was the material on the cover page, copyright page, and Table of Contents heading.

   So I clicked through the material to see what the paragraph styles were (Version, Copyright Notce, etc.).  I then
   went to the Book file, selected the TOC file. opened File/Set Up File, and deselected the appropriate paragraph
   tags. I then regenerated the book.  It worked!

So we can add this solution to our bag of tricks....

All the best,
Avi Smith, Technical Writer
Memco Software Ltd., A CA International Company
Tel: 03 765-8320    e-mail: asmith@memco.co.il

"Even though this is a stupid bumper sticker,
you're squinting to read it."

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