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Re: Are Adobe's wheels coming off?

Rick Quatro wrote:
> This latest episode with Acrobat 4.05 shows that Adobe has lost their
> bearings with other products besides FrameMaker. It is bad enough to charge
> money for bug fixes, but especially on a product that is part of Adobe's
> technology vision for the future (according to Dr. Warnock). A first-rate
> company would take the loss and mail the update FREE to its registered
> customers, instead of alienating them with, "We made mistakes in our
> software, and we want you to pay for the repairs. And by the way, part of
> the repair won't work with FrameMaker." This is a classic example of adding
> insult to injury.

An additional insult added to this injury is Adobe's decision to drop
support on UNIX (other than the Reader). This makes tatters of any
to use PDF in the document creation/revision/edit/publish company
workflow in a
cross-platform environment that includes UNIX.

Given the strong tie-ins between FrameMaker and PDF, this abandonment of
UNIX is all the more disturbing, given the importance of the UNIX-based
FrameMaker customer base.

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