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Chapter number won't update

Greetings, everyone,

I am an experienced Frame user, but I'm stumped, running out of time, and
asking for help.  I have one chapter in a book that refuses to increment
properly.  I have checked both the book and the paragraph.  In the book,
"Paragraph Numbering" is set to Continue, just like all the other chapter
files.  In the heading paragraph, Autonumbering is checked and the variable
is set to <n+>, just like all the other chapter files.  The paragraph has
not been modified.

I have read through the Frame book (yes, I do use it), and I can't find
anything that mentions the ability to "set" the chapter number.  I'm going
crazy trying to figure this out and, of course, the deadline for sending it
to the printer is today.  Murphy's Law strikes again.

Has anyone else run into this glitch?  If you know how to fix this, please
send me a direct e-mail or even call me.

Much thanks in advance,

John C. Catlin
Exchange Applications, Inc.
One Lincoln Plaza, Boston MA  02111

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