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Re: Are Adobe's wheels coming off?

I agree. We are a UNIX house and our group has already
abandoned FM for HTML when it comes to online help. We are
just starting to look at moving to XML for document
production. I expect that sometime in the next two years we
will complete the shift and abandon FM entirely. Don't get
me wrong, I like FM. However, times and needs (and support,
it seems) are changin'. If FM doesn't meet our publishing
needs we'll find a product that can.


Larry Kollar wrote:
> ezra wrote:
> > An additional insult added to this injury is Adobe's decision to drop
> > Acrobat support on UNIX (other than the Reader). This makes tatters of
> > any effort to use PDF in the document creation/revision/edit/publish
> > company workflow in a cross-platform environment that includes UNIX.

> Someone else in this thread said they're using HTML for their online
> format now. XML is now viable for many applications. And while many
> people have Acrobat Reader, almost *everybody* has a web browser.
> If Adobe wants our business, regardless of our platform of choice,
> they will listen. If they don't want our business, there are plenty
> of alternatives (and I'm not talking about Microslobber).

Douglas Metcalfe-White	       Senior Technical Writer

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