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Re: CMYK generation problems

Thanks for al the nice comments, my blodpresure is better, and now
when I am "down to Earth" again, I just comment with my solution so

AFAIK FrameMaker and Windows will what ever you do convert all inline
art, or linked images to RGB.

The reason for this is as we all know by now, the Windows GDI engine.

But if your linked images is in some sort of postscript, that is .ps,
.eps of .pdf, the images ar untuched by the GDI engine.

The problem with the colors of typography or tables is easly fixed
with some PitStop actions.

The vary important issue to not let PitStop or another tool, just
convert the whole file, and the included images to CMYK, is vary hard
to control how and with what profile the CMYK is converted. Believe
me, you would get vary suprised when you se how a default converted
images to CMYK US SWOP colors (which by surprise is the default
colorprofile in Adobe) get printed by and ofset printer.

Botom line, there is no easy way, but then again. If there where it
would proberbly be harder eraning the money...


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