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CMYK generation problems

It is obvious to many on this list, that FrameMaker is not capable of
producing a proper CMYK output due to the internal use of Windows GDI

One of the solutions is to link graphic into the FrameMaker file as
EPS, since EPS is touched by the GDI engine - this is also common

However, what is new to me, is that the linked files has to be EPS. I
have reasontly made a small catalogue with linked TIF images, but
that's is a no-go.
All the images is converted to RGB in the final PDF.

This is driving me nuts, since I know am stuck with 500+ copies of the
catalogue, that has been rejected, and it seems impossible to make a
proper PDF CMYK file.

When I say proper, then I mean a PDF file, where a _correct_ color
conversion has taken place.

In my naivety, I thought that Adobe had fixed this problem with
FrameMaker and Distiller 7.0, but the problem is, that the
colorconversion in the Distiller isn't that good after all.
The problem is, that all the images is converted to a specific color
profile, optimised for this print job - running it through the
Distiller, just converts the CMYK images to another color profile
which isn't that good to me.

So besides doing all this on a Mac (which is by the way is dead..)
what is then the best way to preserve the right CMYK color in the
images, and still get a good CMYK result in the final PDF?


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