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Problems with generating correct pages in Acrobat from FrameMaker 7.1


I have a book with a mixture of A4 and A3 pages in it. My process of
creating a pdf file from FM is as follows:
- In Print Setup I select "AdobePDF" as printer, set Paper Size to "A3"
  and Orientation to "Landscape".
- Create pdf file by selecting Save Book As...

From FM 6.0, this process gave me correct A4 and A3 pages. However,
using the same process in FM 7.1 gives me A3 pages in A4 landscape, A4
pages come out correct.
When I check the Print Setup after FM 7.1 has finished creating the pdf
file, Size is still set to "A3" and Orientation has been changed to
"Portrait". So, FM overrides my settings for some reason. Why?

Does anyone have had the same experience, and found a working solution
to share?

Details about my installation:
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 5.1 with
- FrameMaker 7.1b023
- Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional Version 

Sverre Medalen
Technical Writer
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace
Direct Tel: +47 32 28 8136
E-mail: sverre.ola.medalen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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