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Re: front matter file in book file

At 04:55 AM 1/20/02, Alison Tartt wrote:
>In Frame 5, I made it a habit not to put my front matter file (title page 
>+ copyright page) into the book file because I seemed to get a more 
>reliable PDF later by having the generated TOC as the first book file. (In 
>the PDF I would add the front matter file manually.)
>Now I need to create a book file in Frame 6. Has anyone had trouble 
>putting the front matter file as the first book file when creating PDFs 
>from the book file?

No, no problem at all.  But... (you knew this was coming, right?) I have 
had some problems that I can not trace getting the page numbering correct. 
In my books the front matter gets no page number, not even hidden, the TOC 
gets Roman lc, and the rest of the book is numbered from there in Arabic 
numbers that pick up where the TOC ends.  That is where it hiccups.  Watch 
for that in the Frame version and the PDF is just fine.

Allen Schaaf
Technical writing

Despite direct awareness of what competition does to people..., some 
individuals persist in claiming that its effects are constructive.  This is 
a powerful example of how it is possible to adjust our beliefs so as to 
escape the threatening realization that we have been subjecting ourselves 
to something terrible, that we have internalized a corrosive personality 
         Alfie Kohn
         "NO CONTEST - The Case Against Competition"

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