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Re: 3 TOC problems

> 1. although the tab character (<$paratext><leaderTabHere><$pagenum> appears
> on the TOC reference page for each style in use, on the body pages no tabs
> appear, only a word space in place of the tab...

Have you actually re-generated the TOC after the ref. page change?
Are you absolutely sure that the ref. page contains the correct paragraph
tags ("tagnameTOC") for all tags you wish to include in the TOC?
Do you have more than one TOC ref. page (TOC, TOC1, etc.)?
Does the TOC ref. page have the flow name "TOC", nothing else?
Are you absolutely sure you make the changes in the correct TOC file,
and not in the chapter files?

> 2. I have a graphic (product logo) at the top of the first page of the TOC,
> directly below that I typeset the doc name. Two problems w/this:

I don't understand your description (what's a "paratext variable"?), but as
long as the name of the doc name tag doesn't end in "TOC", it will be kept
between TOC updates. Either use a variable for the doc name on the first
page and in the footer, or use a footer variable that references the doc
name tag. This works if you do it correctly ;-)

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