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3 TOC problems

Three TOC problems:

1. although the tab character (<$paratext><leaderTabHere><$pagenum> appears
on the TOC reference page for each style in use, on the body pages no tabs
appear, only a word space in place of the tab...

2. I have a graphic (product logo) at the top of the first page of the TOC,
directly below that I typeset the doc name. Two problems w/this:

a) I've made a paratext variable based on the tag used to format this text
(the doc name) and call that variable in a running footer on subsequent TOC
pages. If the frame in which this text appears (as described above) is on
the master page -- where it must apparently be or it's not applied when
importing formats from the master TOC design file to a new TOC) -- then the
running footer<>variable link breaks...

b) to ensure that this type will not get stripped out when updating the TOC
I've placed it in a hand-drawn background frame. But I'm concerned that in
the event of html conversion, or future help systems based on this source,
this info will not show up since it's not in flow A...

As always, thanks...

Bart Windrum
Diogenes Inc.
Denver Development Office
410 17th St. #1380
Denver CO 80202

720 904 2321 x125
fax 720 904 9032

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