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Re: 3 TOC problems

At 02:17 PM 1/17/02 -0700, Bart Windrum wrote:
>Three TOC problems:
>1. although the tab character (<$paratext><leaderTabHere><$pagenum> appears
>on the TOC reference page for each style in use, on the body pages no tabs
>appear, only a word space in place of the tab...

Did you modify the paragraph tags for the TOC to specify the tab stop 
(presumably a right-aligned with leader)? If not, that's the problem

>2. I have a graphic (product logo) at the top of the first page of the TOC,
>directly below that I typeset the doc name. Two problems w/this:
>a) I've made a paratext variable based on the tag used to format this text
>(the doc name) and call that variable in a running footer on subsequent TOC
>pages. If the frame in which this text appears (as described above) is on
>the master page -- where it must apparently be or it's not applied when
>importing formats from the master TOC design file to a new TOC) -- then the
>running footer<>variable link breaks...

I assume by "paratext variable" you mean a running header/footer variable 
of the type <$paratext[Title}>, where Title is the name of the paragraph 
tag used to "typeset" the document name.

>b) to ensure that this type will not get stripped out when updating the TOC
>I've placed it in a hand-drawn background frame. But I'm concerned that in
>the event of html conversion, or future help systems based on this source,
>this info will not show up since it's not in flow A.

By a "background frame," I assume you mean a text frame on a master page. 
That won't work. The paratext in the paragraph having the Title para tag 
must be on a Body page in order for it to appear in the <$paratext[Title]> 
running header/footer variable on each page.

The easiest solution I can think of that will satisfy all your requirements 
is as follows:

1. Create, in the "master TOC design file," a new user-defined variable 
named DocName. The text of the variable definition in the master TOC design 
file should be something like "Insert Actual Document Title." Then, insert 
that variable, instead of a Running Header/Footer variable, into the header 
or footer of each master page (except, presumably, the master page for the 
first page) of the master TOC design file.

2. Import the formats from the master TOC design file formats (including 
variable definitions and master pages) into the new TOC. The running header 
or footer on each page will now contain the default text (such as "Insert 
Actual Document Title") of the DocName variable.

3. In the new TOC, open the Variable dialog, select the DocName variable, 
and edit its definition to contain the actual document name. The document 
name will now appear in the running header or footer on each page.

4.  Go to the beginning of the first line of the first page of the new TOC,
hit return to create an empty paragraph, and insert the variable DocName 
into the empty paragraph. You can then apply an appropriate paragraph tag 
to the paragraph containing the DocName variable.

The document name in the first line of the TOC will now survive any 
conversion to html (obviously, nothing on the master pages will survive the 
conversion, however, unless you are converting to PDF).

5. Once steps 3 and 4 have been performed on the new TOC, it presumably 
will not be subsequently necessary to re-import formats from the master TOC 
design file, but if it does become necessary, turn off Variable Definitions 
when you import the formats so as to prevent the correct definition of the 
Docname variable from being changed back to the default definition in the 
master TOC design file..

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