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TOC links to heads (Frame>PDF)

at the risk of weighing down the list with one too many questions this week
(trying to square away lots of issues so as to complete core templates
before getting into major writing mode)...

I'm wondering what universe to explore to learn what to do so that, in a PDF
file generated from a Frame book, the TOC entries are linked (eg, function
as bookmarks? In other words: in addition to PDF bookmarks, I want those
using the PDF file to be able to click on any TOC entry on the contents page
in that file and have the entry function as a link to the content, just as
the bookmarks do (I find a well-formatted TOC easier on the eyes).

When I .ps'd the book generating hyperlinks, clicking them in the PDF TOC
page wants to open the frame doc rather than scroll the pdf file (I cannot
say w/certainty what setting I used to get that far; it's been a
mind-draining solo week in Frame/PDF/Printing land :)

>From perusing the dox the closest thing seems to be "hyperlinks to specific
topics." If so, will there be a way to embed any of the "smarts" in the
heading tags so that markers are made automatically?

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