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RE: TOC links to heads (Frame>PDF)

> I'm wondering what universe to explore to learn what to do so that, in a PDF
> file generated from a Frame book, the TOC entries are linked (eg, function
> as bookmarks?

This is normally taken care of automatically *if* you remember to check
the print option Generate Acrobat Data (you do use Print to make PDFs,
right, and not "Save As PDF"?), and *if* you have the option Create
Hypertext Links checked in the file setup for the TOC file in FM.

Also remember that a hypertext link area is ended when the character
formatting changes. It may be that the beginning of the TOC line acts
as a link, but not the end (including the page number).

Check if the TOC entries work as hypertext links in the TOC file in
FrameMaker (press AltGr and click the entries). If that works, the PDF
version should work too. If it doesn't, then there's your problem.

> When I .ps'd the book generating hyperlinks, clicking them in the PDF TOC
> page wants to open the frame doc rather than scroll the pdf file

This sounds *very* strange. Take a look at the TOC reference page of the
TOC file in FM. You should have a paragraph tagged ActiveTOC containing
"openObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType> <$ObjectId>" (or very similar).
Check that this paragraph exists and doesn't contain any other commands
or building blocks. This is the paragraph that controls what type of
hyperlinks you get in the generated TOC.

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