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Clarification: TOC links to heads (Frame>PDF)

Clarification: what occurred when clicking a pdf TOC page link is I get an
alert saying, approximately, "the file xyz.pdf cannot be found". After
generating the TOC I renamed all the book files (this will not typically
happen, I'm in template-design/testing mode).

The real ? is, can TOC files, once generated and if renamed, somehow be
updated so that the internal hyperlinks generated (I now remember that
option as a checkbox) are updated with the new filename also? Or, if one
renames the files, must one generate a new TOC (updating the old did not
change the out-of-date links)?

> at the risk of weighing down the list with one too many questions this week
> (trying to square away lots of issues so as to complete core templates
> before getting into major writing mode)...
> I'm wondering what universe to explore to learn what to do so that, in a PDF
> file generated from a Frame book, the TOC entries are linked (eg, function
> as bookmarks? In other words: in addition to PDF bookmarks, I want those
> using the PDF file to be able to click on any TOC entry on the contents page
> in that file and have the entry function as a link to the content, just as
> the bookmarks do (I find a well-formatted TOC easier on the eyes).
> When I .ps'd the book generating hyperlinks, clicking them in the PDF TOC
> page wants to open the frame doc rather than scroll the pdf file (I cannot
> say w/certainty what setting I used to get that far; it's been a
> mind-draining solo week in Frame/PDF/Printing land :)
>> From perusing the dox the closest thing seems to be "hyperlinks to specific
> topics." If so, will there be a way to embed any of the "smarts" in the
> heading tags so that markers are made automatically?
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