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5.5.6 and xml

Framers -

I recently ordered the 5.5.6 upgrade specifically to get the XML
capability.  (For those who care, the CD arrived within a few days.)  I
searched the Help files and the on-line manuals, but found no explanation
of how to use Frame with XML.  I also checked Adobe's Web site, but all I
found was a press release with a paragraph indicating that "anyone" could
easily create XML with Frame 5.5.6.

Perhaps if I had used Frame's Save As HTML function I might have a clue,
but I haven't, so I am quite lost.  My closest relevant experience is
having used WebWorks to create Help files, but since WW has abandoned the
Mac platform since 3.5, I can't look to them for an XML solution.

Anyone have any info as to where/how I could learn about generating XML
with Frame?


Irene Struthers Rush
Documentation Manager
994 Mill Street, Suite 200
San Luis Obispo CA 93401
805 541 3000   Fax:  805 541 3037

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