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Re: ADM: How to avoid HTML encoding

At 4:45 PM +0100 29/1/99, Thomas Michanek wrote:
>There have been some postings on the (mis)use of HTML-encoded
>messages to the list. Since several people, list archives,
>etc. cannot deal with such messages, I take the liberty to
>post a text on how to avoid sending them in the first place.

As a footnote, the instructions Thomas gives for Eudora apply only to the
Pro version.  The freeware Eudora 3.x will parse styled text in a received
message and display it properly (if the settings are configured correctly),
but will not forward the styling information if the message with the styled
text is forwarded.   Nor can you create styled text in the freeware version
of Eudora.

- web

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