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RE: fImporting 11x17 illustrations into Framemaker and converting to PDF

In short:
(Windows95/Frame 5.5.3, your mileage may vary!)
Open the Frame document.
>From File menu, open Print Setup...
In the dialog box, select Adobe Distiller 3.0.
Click the Properties button.
In the dialog box, first click 11 x 17, then 
  click the Landscape radio button, then click OK.
After the dialog closes, make sure that the set up reads 
  11x17, Landscape, and click OK.
Click OK to save the Print Setup.

Caveat: on my system at this firm on this network with its idiosyncracies, I
have to re-do this step EVERY time I quit Frame and re-open a document, else
all the printer settings run back to the Windows default and override what I
set in Frame and in the doc file. The settings don't seem to save. It's
probably my own limitations in working with Redmond-generated software, but
I haven't found the answer yet.

Good luck!
Deborah Snavely
Senior Technical Writer
consulting at Visa
standard disclaimers apply

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