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It is a job for conditional text

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post for advice re: using
conditional text. Your promptness and enthusiasm were very helpful and
greatly appreciated. And, again, you saved me lots of time and my
supervisor is convinced I actually know what I'm doing.

I just tested the process and it really is a no-brainer. It worked as
advertised-fast and clean. 

A special thanks to those who included the 'watch out for...' comments.
It did cause me to review my file structure, etc. And, I will watch the
links and I have already set up a tracking form to be sure I know where
the conditional pieces are.

This will be even more helpful than I first expected. I have just
learned that the 'enhancements' for the special client will be phased
into our in-house 'live' system as they are written. This means the live
program will not match the old, but still current, documentation. Since
bug fixes and modifications are on-going for the 'original' program,
updating a double set of doc would be a nightmare! (Small companies tend
to be informal about procedures... I am often the last to find out about
program changes already in the hands of the clients.)

Thanks again... 

Joyce Richter
Sr. Technical Writer
GWiz Systems, Inc.
Lakewood, CO

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