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References, Cross-references...

I'm customizing a document with cross-references. The repetitive ergonomic
routine I'm using is to click three times to highlight the whole line of a
list, hit the right mouse button to make the formatting options appear,
choose Cross-references, then associate the text line with the item from the
list and hit Replace.

The result is that my line of text is now linked and live, but the process
ate the line break, and the next line of text has joined the line I'm
working on. So I have to hit Enter to split the lines and then repeat the

I can avoid the Enter step by highlighting, holding down the Shift key and
backing up once with the arrow key, which de-selects the line break. But
this is just substituting one step for another, and I'd like to decrease the
number of steps here.

So I decided to try entering <br> in my format within the cross-reference
edit menu in hopes that it would read that command and make sure it included
a line break. Didn't work. I've also looked at the reference pages for
clues, but no dice. I have only a passing familiarity with HTML (obviously)
and don't know how to manipulate this situation so it will work for me.

Undoubtedly I'm barking up the wrong menu. Any ideas or cures will be

Diane De Rooy

**When asked what he thought of Western civilization, Gandhi replied, "I
think the U.S. should try it."**

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