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ADM: How to avoid HTML encoding

Dear framers,

There have been some postings on the (mis)use of HTML-encoded
messages to the list. Since several people, list archives,
etc. cannot deal with such messages, I take the liberty to
post a text on how to avoid sending them in the first place.

How to avoid sending messages in HTML only

Please try to avoid sending messages *only* in HTML format.
Those who do not use a Web browser (or other HTML-aware software)
for mail reading have a very difficult time reading such messages.
Some mailing list archives are also known to not handle HTML.
The standard in email messages is to always provide the text in
plain ASCII text format (without formatting), which is readable by
all email software on all computer systems.

Please check the preferences, options or settings in your email
software according to below, and try to avoid sending messages
*only* in HTML format (also known as Rich Text or Styled Text).
In some software, you can set this for individual recepients
(in this case, the framers mailing list).
You can also find information similar to below at

*** If you are using Netscape version 4 for sending email:
Select Preferences from the Edit menu, open up the Mail & Groups
category, select Messages, and then uncheck (disable) the option
"By default, send rich text (HTML) messages"
You may also click the button More Options and select an option
for Plain Text below the text "When sending HTML messages..."
Or, if you prefer to make this setting for individual addresses,
open the Address Book from the Communicator menu, double-click a
name to open the address card, and uncheck (disable) the option
"Prefers to receive rich text (HTML) mail"
(See also http://help.netscape.com/kb/client/990102-2.html)

Microsoft software
*** If you are using Microsoft Outlook for sending email:
Set the format of your messages by selecting Options from the Tools
menu. Depending on your version of Outlook, either click the Send
tab, or the Mail Format tab. 
For the mail sending format, select the option "Plain Text" -- do 
*not* use any of the other options (HTML, Rich Text, MS Word, etc).
If there is a Settings button, click on it and set the Message
Format to "MIME", and the option Encode Text Using to "None".

*** If you are using Microsoft Exchange for sending email:
You should always try to specify the recipients of your messages by
selecting names from your address books, or by typing in an email
address ("name@somewhere.com") directly in the "To:" box.
Also make sure that the names in your address books do *not* have
the Rich Text or HTML property turned on by doing the following:
In your Address Books, open the Properties of affected entries
(double-click them), and then uncheck (disable) the option
"Always send to this recipient in Microsoft Exchange rich text format"
Also, click the Send Options button and make sure that the Message
Format is not specified as "HTML" (instead, use "Plain text").
(More info can be found at

*** If you are using Eudora version 3 or 4 for sending email:
Select Options from the Tools menu, and then the category
Styled Text (you may have to scroll down the list).
In version 3, check (enable) either or both of the options
"Discard styles before sending messages" and 
"Warn me when I queue a message with styled text".
In version 4, check (enable) the option "Send plain text only"
or the option "Send both plain and styled".
(More info at http://www.eudora.com/techsupport/kb/908hq.html)

*** If you are using Pegasus Mail version 3 for sending email:
Select Options from the Tools menu, and then the tab Sending Mail.
In the box "When sending messages containing rich text", check
(enable) the option "Always remove formatting".

Thank you in advance,

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Thomas Michanek, Documentation Manager, Telelogic Tau
Telelogic AB, Teknikringen 9, SE-58330 Linkoping, SWEDEN
PHONE/FAX:  +46 (0)13 200656/212166
EMAIL:  mailto:Thomas.Michanek@telelogic.com
WWW 1:  http://www.telelogic.com
WWW 2:  http://hem1.passagen.se/framers
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