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Re: illustration name in a frame_document

Hmmm...I might be interested, depending on cost.  Our requirements would be
as follows:

  For existing documents, find the filename (and maybe relative path) of
  each imported whatever (graphic, text inset, OLE object) and create a
  small text frame immediately following the frame containing the imported
  item.  Place the name in the text frame in a user-specifiable (or could
  be hardcoded) para tag with a user-specifiable (or could be hardcoded)

FrameExprt@aol.com wrote:
. . .
> I am willing to create a script or scripts according to your specifications.
> At this time however, I don't have need of such a script, so I probably
> wouldn't do it for free. Let me know your specs, and I will give you a price.
> Or, if there is enough interest from others, I could do it on a "shareware"
> basis.
. . .
Carolyn Stallard
Documentation Manager
Coastek, Inc.

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