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Keyboard shortcuts for using conditional text at speed

J said:
<<One tip for working in many different condition tags (different
client-pieces) is to have another page open next to the doc you're working
on w/ "paint pot" bits of each condition to be "picked" up (double click)
and plonked into the working doc via copy/paste. After you've pasted a bit
that has the condition you want into the doc, a simple double click on that
bit allows you to begin writing in that condition. Saves you popping through
the condition windows whenever you want to change conditions.>>

In creating a super-glossary recently that involves six conditions (so far)
to indicate source definitions (which vary in complexity and depth according
to the audiences for the glossaries), I've gotten very familiar with the
control-key shortcuts that work for both Mac and Windows:
*	To apply a condition to selected text or start typing in that
condition				 control-4
*	To delete an existing condition applied to text (if no other
conditions are applied, you get prompted whether to delete the text or make
it unconditional)	control-5

Since I'm already using control-9 and control-8 for applying paragraph and
character tags, this was a no-brainer to learn. 

Deborah Snavely

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