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Re: Opening Frame files from Windows Explorer - Reply

Jay Smith replied:

NOTE: Before you go farther, you *should* be installing 556 instead. 
It is available from Adobe (takes about 7-10 days) and costs something
like $25 as long as you have a valid license.  

** snip rest of reply and question from Skip  ***

Make that 7-10 weeks, maybe more! 

I ordered FrameMaker 5.5.6 in mid-October. Several weeks ago (after waiting
for 6 weeks), I got a postcard from their fulfillment house thanking me
for my "recent order" and advising me that delivery of my order will be
after December 28!! If I actually do receive it at that time, it will be
over 10 weeks since I ordered it. For a single CD-ROM. Unbelievable!!

In comparison, Microsoft seems to have no problems shipping hundreds of
thousands of CD-ROMs within a few weeks of the final master. Perhaps Adobe
should look at their methods.

I was an early user of FrameMaker 2, when the program was installed from
a handful of floppies, and have gotten every upgrade since then.  Over
the years, my company and I have spent over $25K for FrameMaker software.
 In terms of customer service, this seems to be the worst upgrade yet.

Jim Welch 

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