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Re: FM+SGML read/write problems

At 12:25 PM 12/11/98 PST, Richard Higgins wrote:
>Using FM+SGML 5.5.3 on Win95.
>Can anyone help please with any of the following FM - SGML conversion problems 
>(I'm at the testing [in both senses] stage of importing existing SGML docs and 
>trying to export them back as the same SGML)?
>1. I lose my processing instructions.  The documentation implies that FM
>touch them, but they don't come back out again.  They are straightforward 
>(legacy PI's for any Panorama users) along the lines of <?TAGLINK ...> and
>occur after the document type declaration and before the root element. All the 
>r/w rules seem to  imply that PI's pass straight through and do not require 
>further intervention.
I've not experienced this problem. Perhaps it's their location before the
root element that's causing the problem. Try inserting a PI into the SGML
document instance after the root element and see if it translates.
>2. I declare an entity "address" which uses a public identifier to call in an 
>SGML fragment containing (depending on location) one of several addresses:
><!ENTITY address PUBLIC "-//Durham University DULASC//TEXT PG Contact
>This works fine on import with no r/w rules, but on export (as well as leaving 
>intact the above line) every occurence of the &address; in the document is 
>replaced by "ti1;", "ti2;" etc, and lines are added to the doc type 
><!ENTITY ti1 SYSTEM "\BadFileName"> etc.
>Any attempt so far to write a r/w rule for entity "address" has resulted in
>import process failing to pick up the SGML fragment at all.
A. Are the PUBLIC entities declared in the DTD? They should be.
B. Also, are you using an entity catalog in your SGML application? If not,
add one, and put the PUBLIC entities in it, indicating their SOI's (i.e.
their file location.) Entity catalogs are described in the Developer's Guide
section about the Application Definition File.
>3. Is there a way in an EDD of associating elements with a condition - i.e. on 
>import an element and all those contained within have a condition tag
applied to 
I don't believe this is possible unless you write an API client to do it.
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