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Microsoft motives

Bill Briggs wrote:

>If you doubt the sinister and calculated motives of Microsoft, take a look
>at this extract from a Microsoft memo that has gained some notoriety on the
>net under the name of "The Halloween Paper".  It points out how MS even
>intends to attack the efforts of Open Source Software (OSS) developers,
>like those who have created Linux, Apache, etc. and seems to want to shut
>them down.  The bombshell is right at the beginning in the second sentence.

I've read "The Halloween Paper" before and although there is much that rings
true, I have an inherent mistrust of much of what lives on the web -
remember the graduation speech attributed to Kurt Vonnegut? I'm not openly
questioning its veracity, only noting that a keen observer could reverse
engineer such a policy statement based on Microsoft's behaviour. Assuming
that was the case, the fact that it didn't originate from Microsoft doesn't
necessarily even mean that it's not accurate...

Marcus Carr

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