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Printing from PDF troubles: Mac OS 8.5

I'm sorry to add to the PDF chorus of misery, but seek affirmation from my
Framers friends on a desperate Frame to PDF issue.

We recently upgraded to Mac OS 8.5. Using LaserWriter 8.6 (LW8.6) to create
our postscript, we suddenly encounter errors with some custom postscript
fonts (one is made in-house by Fontographer, another by an outside
company). In case it matters, the printer in question is an HP 5si.

Under OS 8.5 (LW8.6), we now have many windows and pop-up menus to
configure to get our printer settings just right (Binary, Type 1
compatible, so on and so forth). However, there's a handy "Save Settings"
feature once you've jumped through all the hoops.

Despite having Unlimited Downloadable Fonts in the Page Setup, a belief
(read: consultant's advice) that Apple and Adobe worked together on the
LW8.6 print driver, and subset all fonts/99% in Distiller, we still get
Courier substitutions (intermittently) on our custom postscript fonts.

Let me rephrase that. Without changing anything in the file, you can print
once and have the Courier substitutions. Print a second time, and it works
fine. All appears okay in the PDF, it's printing from the PDF file that
causes this apparently random behavior.

Ever since Dov's first chanting of "download the latest Adobe print drivers
and Distiller PPDs from the website" I have tried to champion this cause in
our group. However, we follow the great advice of another expert opinion
(sigh) and settle for LW8.6.

Is it time we followed Dov's advice? Has anyone else shared this particular
form of misery? Is there any hope for a consistent solution to a random
problem? Should we gamble that our print vendor won't have the same

Staring at my growing list of PDF's to FTP to the print vendor,

Jason Aiken
Medtronic, Inc.

Still cross-posting and subscribed to two lists for some reason.

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