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Re: 556 delivery time

Geez Jeremy,

You must have ticked somebody off!  (Just joking.)  

I don't know what the problem is at Adobe, but if I remember
correctly, our copy arrived by Airborne on the fourth day after we
ordered it.  Maybe they should hire ME do handle their fulfillment.


Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:
> On Wed, 09 Dec 1998 21:45:53 -0500, Jay Smith <jay@jaysmith.com> wrote:
> >NOTE: Before you go farther, you *should* be installing 556 instead.
> >It is available from Adobe (takes about 7-10 days) and costs something
> >like $25 as long as you have a valid license.  However you will still
> >have THIS problem, though other problems (that you have not discovered
> >yet) will get fixed.
> You say 7-10 days?  LOL!!!  I ordered it (and had my credit card
> charged immediately) back on Oct 29.  It was promised for Nov 4.
> When I checked on Nov 13, I was first told they could not find the
> order; then they located it, using the credit card number, and
> told me it was "backordered" to ship between "tomorrow" and the
> middle of December.  Since then, I've gotten two postcards from
> the "Back Order Processing Unit" in Buffalo, NY.  The first told
> me to send back the card if I wanted a refund; otherwise it would
> ship 12/13.  The second, received 12/7, told me to send back the
> card if I *still wanted* the item, otherwise I'd be cancelled.
> It said the ship date was 12/27. I suppose that technically this
> avoids the $500 FTC fine for shipping more than 30 days after
> billing on a credit card, but it still is bad business.
> So, rather than the laughable 7-10 days, my experience is 41 days
> and holding.  Noah did better.  I'm sure a few people really did
> get copies quickly.  That doesn't help the rest of us a bit.
> Adobe, get your act together!  Even your good friends are losing
> patience with this screwup of a very simple task.
> -- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
>    (jeremy@omsys.com)     http://www.omsys.com/
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