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RE: FM 5.5.6

We get all of our Frame licenses from Highsoft, who is an Adobe VAR.  I
called our agent and gave him a PO number and he sent it to me THAT DAY
via UPS ground.  I got it in two days.  If you work through a VAR you
might try getting it from them.  

We also get technical support from them.  In fact I called Peter Gold
(he is my tech support guy) to ask him where I could get the upgrade,
when I got voice mail, I decided to call the sales office instead and
didn't leave a message.  When Peter got into the office he noticed our
number on the caller ID and noticed that I had not left a message.  He
called me back anyway to make sure that everything was OK. TALK ABOUT

Steve Schwedland
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> Jeremy Griffith wrote:
> >So, rather than the laughable 7-10 days, my experience is 41 days
> >and holding...Adobe, get your act together!  Even your good friends
> are
> losing
> >patience with this screwup of a very simple task.
> Gee, maybe the rumours about Adobe dropping FM really are unfounded.
> After all, how can they possibly consider dropping a product that has
> so
> many users they can't keep up with the demand for upgrades?
> Gang, keep those cards and letters coming about not receiving your
> upgrade. It helps folks like me, who wants to be sure the shortage is
> over before sending my $25.00 in.
> Chris
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