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Re: Opening Frame files from Windows Explorer


NOTE: Before you go farther, you *should* be installing 556 instead. 
It is available from Adobe (takes about 7-10 days) and costs something
like $25 as long as you have a valid license.  However you will still
have THIS problem, though other problems (that you have not discovered
yet) will get fixed.


Aha!  I'll bet that your old file extents are ".frm".  Am I correct? 
".frm" is more widely used as a WordPerfect "form" file extent, thus
Framemaker now uses ".fm".  

Your choices include the following:

1) Change your file names -- but this may be a serious problem if you
have book files, text insets from other .frm files, etc.

2) Add the "association" .frm  and pointing it to FrameMaker -- but
only if you are not using WordPerfect and do not plan on installing
WordPerfect.  Since you did not complain about double clicking the
files resulting in launching WordPerfect, then this may not be an
issue for you.  The easiest way to make this change **IF** there is no
"recognized" icon showing next to the filename in Explorer is to RIGHT
click one of the filenames.  You should have an "Open With..."
option.  If so, click it.  There you can select an association
(program to open that type of file).  There is also a check box that
you should check to indicate that this type (.frm) file should be
always be launched with FM.

3) Live with not being able to double click the file to launch FM. 
Probably the best option if you have or will later have WordPerfect

Jay Smith

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SkipMartin@compuserve.com wrote:
> Framers,
> An interesting, but not distressing, problem. We have recently upgraded to
> Frame 5.5.3 on Win95 (Win 95 is not new.)
> When attempting to open Frame files from Windows Explorer we get the
> following error message:
>                 Program Not Found
>                 Windows cannot find Frame.exe file.
> This happens for all Frame  files on one machine and only to Frame Book
> files on mine.
> Any comments, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
> Skip Martin, DTP
> Contracting at Freightliner, Portland, OR

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