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Re: Censorship alive and well on frameusers

This is exactly the kind of crap we'd filter out.

So long everyone. I can't put up with this shit anymore.

On 11/22/05, Bill Briggs <web@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> At 9:06 PM -0500 11/22/05, Bill Swallow wrote:
> >I'll be honest, Yahoo (where the HATT and WWP-Users lists are hosted)
> >has flaked out on more than one occasion, causing many people to think
> >they were being moderated unfairly and so forth.
>  I run a Yahoo list and I don't have the time to moderate it. People can chew each others asses off if they want. I have more important things to do with my time than try to play über-adult to a bunch of adults. I'm sorry if you're a "moderator" Bill, but I think moderation is the province of the control obsessed. We'll agree to disagree.

Bill Swallow
HATT List Owner
WWP-Users List Owner
I support Char James-Tanny for STC Secretary.

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