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Re: Censorship alive and well on frameusers

> Not in my book.  Posts about operation of any list are always
> on-topic for that list.  Net policy, IMHO.

I don't recall reading such a policy. I run several lists, as I know
you do as well.

> Nope.  There was a "first post" just now from a newbie who
> quoted the entire digest.  Do you think a moderator would
> pass *that*???  No, a select group of posters is being
> moderated.  Not the first time that's happened to me, BTW;
> Brad did it often, when he thought I *might* say something.
> I've had quite a few purely-technical answers I've sent held
> up for a day because of that... while later posts from others
> appeared normally.  It's not the scenario you thought.

So you have confirmation from the list admin that you are in fact part
of a select group who is being moderated? Or is this just your
speculation? I was moderated when I posted yesterday. I asked Lisa
what was up. She gave me an answer. Really, it was quite an easy
process, and certainly more productive than complaining on an
unaffiliated list about speculation.

> Because she won't answer.  I *have* posted directly to her
> with my concerns, and copied this list with that post.

Well that's not asking her directly, is it? I can completely
understand why a list admin would want to keep list politics off the
list, and not reply to a question that was posed publicly.

> She could reply on-list, or privately (in which case I
> would *not* repost her reply to the list).  She has
> chosen not to, though she's had no problem, again, in
> posting replies to others for posts sent the day after
> mine.  Do we see a pattern here, Bill?  ;-)

Well, I do, but it's probably not the pattern you have in mind, Jeremy. ;-)

> BTW, all, Bill is the list-owner of HATT, an excellent
> group for support of help-system authoring.  He does
> *not* moderate it, and it stays on-topic as much as we
> do (except on Fridays ;-).  I highly recommend it:
>    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HATT/
> To subscribe to this group, send an email to:
>    HATT-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Actually, of HATT and WWP-Users, and I *do* moderate both lists, as do
the co-moderators I have helping me. We just work in a way that
minimizes the visibility of moderation, and state up front what we
will moderate for. This way people know what they are getting into.

I'll be honest, Yahoo (where the HATT and WWP-Users lists are hosted)
has flaked out on more than one occasion, causing many people to think
they were being moderated unfairly and so forth. Given Lisa made a
list transition with the Framers list, I am inclined to believe that
it's entirely possible that it wasn't a completely smooth transition
and some funky stuff happened. It might explain the very circumstances
we're debating.

Bill Swallow
HATT List Owner
WWP-Users List Owner
I support Char James-Tanny for STC Secretary.

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