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Re: Censorship alive and well on frameusers

On Tue, 22 Nov 2005 14:59:17 -0500, "Stevens, Martha \(ISSAtlanta\)" 
<MStevens@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>The aspect of the current situation that alarms me is that of censorship. What types of inappropriate postings do the moderators seek to suppress? Because as members of a forum such as this, we should all be pretty familiar with the delete key. Therefore, unless the list is getting spammed with p*rn or sales pitches, I think "moderation" here is entirely undesirable because it is misaligned with the fundamental nature of information sharing.

I totally agree.

>I would like to hear the frank answer of the moderator. If the answer is "politics" or "personal gain" that's fine...just be up front about it so we can all tune our expectations.

To be clear about it, the administrator of *this* list,
me, never moderates anyone for any reason.  The thread
is about events on the other framers list, at frameusers,
where the admin, Lisa Bronson <lisa.infocus@xxxxxxxxx>,
has been excluding posts on this very issue, after she
excluded one of Hedley's that was critical of the new
list software they are using.  How she expects silencing
critics to help solve problems is beyond me.  I would
also like to hear her frank answer, but so far have not.

She *is* subscribed to this list too, so she is certainly
free to respond here if she's not willing to do so on
her own list.  Over 500 people are interested... ;-)

>Note: I don't even think the moderator needs to remove spam. 
>The delete key works pretty well on that, too. As does a nice 
>Bayesian filter.

Here, it's been a non-problem, one or two in the last
several years.  Most spammers won't bother to spam a
list that requires confirmation to subscribe.  We do
get lots of spam from unsubscribed addresses, and toss
it on arrival; it never goes to the list.

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, Free Framers list admin

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