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Re: sideheads and pgwide attribute (CALS)

At 10:17 AM 1/14/03 +0100, Theun Fleer wrote:

>we've decided to set the value of pgwide to "0" in the XML. 

>But the tables do not span the complete text frame! The total table width is
>equal to the width of the column (without sidehead)... 

  FM interprets a page-wide table as one that spans all columns of
the containing text frame, but not any side-heads. Thus, if you have,
say, a two-column layout, then you can use the pgwide attribute
to control whether a table fits in one column or spans both. However,
if you want to use the attribute to control whether the table spans
a side head, you'll need to use a custom FDK client.
  By the way, the intent of pgwide is that "0" means "false" and hence
is used for column-wide tables; any other integer means "true" and
means the table is to be page-wide. Since the XML DTD defines the
attribute to be CDATA (NUMBER is not permitted in XML), I decided to
test some non-numeric values. FM created column-wide tables when
I used the values "x" and "0x" and a page-wide table for "17x".

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