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Graphic-heavy book crashes on print

MacOSX 10.2.3, Frame 7.0p577

Printing a 39-page document (either to PS for distilling to
to a printer) has started crashing Frame as it hits the last page.
Frame just disappears without generating a crash log or giving
any notification that it quit unexpectedly. The rest of the Classic
environment seems untouched (I've had Word98 crashes pull
down all the Classic apps, for example).

One workaround is to print the book in two halves, then join
the PDFs in Acrobat. That suggests a memory problem to me,
except that running "top" in a Terminal window says that the
computer has 80MB free (out of 704MB total) or more at all
times. Bumping Frame's memory usage to 100000KB (from
80000) didn't make a difference.

It's possible that the upgrade to 10.2.3 may have something
to do with it; I didn't have this problem during the last revision
and I upgraded in between. Can anyone else confirm problems
with 10.2.3?

Larry Kollar, Senior Technical Writer, ARRIS
"Content creators are the engine that drives
value in the information life cycle."
    -- Barry Schaeffer, on XML-Doc

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