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Re: Special Bullet Symbol does not appear correctly in Frame 6.0


You have stumbled into the known Windows 2000/XP system bug associated
with display of fonts also enumerated in a PostScript printer's PPD.
We have extensively discussed this problem and the easy workaround for
this that also solves a number of other anomalies. For a copy of the
workaround, please see the permanent article that I have posted on the
Adobe User-to-User Forums at:

        - Dov (this week in Norwich, UK)

At 1/13/2003 10:31 AM, Pat Fortino wrote:
>Hi Framers,
>I can't get a special bullet symbol to display correctly in Frame. I created a character format called dingbats. I use the character dingbat character format to format a special bullet character (triangle/small t) in a para style. Frame does not diplay the triangle. Instead it displays a diamond character. When I create a pdf from this document, however, the correct character (the triangle) displays. I get this same behavior if I use different dingbat characters; eg, if I select a different dingbat character, it does not display correctly in frame, but it does display correctly when I create and view a pdf from the same document.
>Any idea why this happens.
>- Windows 2000
>- Frame 6.0
>- ATM 4.1
>- Acrobat 5.0
>- Fonts (I used ATM to install the Adobe Zaph Dingbat font.
>Note: I have this same config on my home machine and the Dingbat font displays correctly in both Frame and PDF.
>Pat Fortino
>Sun Microsystems
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