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sideheads and pgwide attribute (CALS)

hi all,

system: FM7p576 on Windows XP.

We've created a XML template for stripped version of DocBook. We are using
CALS for the tables. In the tgroup element there's the (famous?) attribute
"pgwide". All colwidths are proportional (with *). 
In our template we use a sidehead (alwasy on the right), but most of the
text spans "all columns and sideheads". We would like that for the tables as
well. So after consultation of the Structured Developers Online Manual: 

Page wide: relevant only to tables whose columns use proportional widths. In
this case,the attribute indicates whether the entire table should be the
width of the column in which it sits or of its text frame. If the value is
unspecified or zero, the table is the width of the column; otherwise, it is
the width of the enclosing text frame.

we've decided to set the value of pgwide to "0" in the XML. 

Also we put a rule in the r/w files:

attribute "pgwide" is fm property page wide;

But the tables do not span the complete text frame! The total table width is
equal to the width of the column (without sidehead)... 

We tried different values for the attribute, but we could not succeed in
broadening the tables.
With a template without sidehead the table spans the text frame (but that's
not surprising); in a 2-column template the tables also are as wide as 1

What do we do wrong? Is it possible to make the tables as wide as the text
frame, using proportional table widths? We do not want to specify the table
widths in cm (or in)...

Is the Online Manual incorrect?? 

Theun Fleer
t.fleer at tedopres dot com

(maybe some of you remember me working for Alpnet, but I found another job)

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