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ADMIN: Free Framers plans

First of all, there are as of now 436 subscibers on Free
Framers, 334 with regular and 102 with digest subs.  The
list is available to any member who agrees not to use it
for spamming, in accordance with Net list policies.  (We
"seed" it with some special addresses to enforce that;
the count above does *not* include those seeds.)  We
can also accept subs where the address is kept entirely
confidential; contact me directly if you need that.
(Those members are *not* included in the count above.)

Second, we realize that the lack of a convenient local
Web archive may be a problem for some.  So we are looking
into moving the list to a different server, using Mailman
(the Gnu open source mail-list manager) instead of dear
old majordomo.  *If* we do, after we're done testing,
there may be a very brief outage (under a day); we'll
try to do it at night on a weekend.  And we may also
give the list its own new domain, to avoid any hint of
favoritism that might come from use of omsys.com, the
use of which has been donated for years by Omni Systems.
We'll announce more as it gets closer, and as always
your comments and suggestions are wanted and welcome,
on-list or off-list as you deem appropriate.

A special welcome to the 40 who have joined us in the
last two days.  You may not see as much volume here,
but the responses are first-rate!  Enjoy!

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, Free Framers list admin
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