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Re: HTML to FrameMaker Converter

Yes, the current ver. 5.4 of Miramo can use Sablotron as the XSLT engine.

Without stealing thunder from the DZ gods I think I can say that exciting 
developments are imminent, both for the particular parser and for increased 
XML integration into Miramo and thus into FrameMaker in general.


Larry Kollar wrote:

 >>If the HTML in question qualifies as well-formatted XML, or can be made
 >>so with minimum effort (HTML Tidy should work unless the files are tag
 >>soup), you could use a XSLT stylesheet to transform to MIF and then into

 >Have you ever been able to get this to work?  I'm on the XSLT
 >list, and nobody there seems to have gotten MIF output to
 >work yet...  I'd be very interested, even excited, if it did!

Personally, no.  But doesn't Miramo translate XML to MIF using
Sablotron as the XSLT engine?
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