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ANN: Mif2Go now free for unemployed TWs and consultants

We all know the US economy is tanking, and
taking most of the world down with it.  The
Fed has cut rates down to the bottom with no
visible effect.  Unemployment is down a tad,
but so is employment; we just have people
falling out of the picture altogether now, 
not better days as some may try to claim...

There are a lot of TWs out there wondering
where the next job is coming from.  And
*when*.  Trying to find a bright side, we
think it's a good time to improve skills,
and make up spiffier resumes.  Maybe do 
them in one or more on-line help formats,
as demos of your abilities that will impress
potential employers.  Anything that makes
your resume stand out from the other 2000
on the HR manager's desk is a Good Thing.

So here's our offer.  If you are unemployed,
and have a personal copy of FrameMaker, we
will send you a totally free copy of Mif2Go,
the regular version, not the eval.  You can
collect upgrades from our Web site for life,
yours or ours.  <g>  And we *will* give you
tech support, but beg you to use the Users
Guide first, as otherwise a deluge of support
posts could be very hard on us... and keep
the real problems from getting through.

We license you to use this for personal use
(like that resume) and for any work you do
for non-profits (who need help more than
ever).  We do ask that when you get a job,
that you or your company buy a copy if needed
for any commercial work.  That's only fair.

If you are a consultant, you too are eligible
under the same terms.  If you are on the edge,
we'll look the other way when you use it for
your clients' commercial jobs.  But if you
get a good contract, or can ask a client to
buy a copy for their work, please do.  ;-)

In any case, if you want this, please send
your name and email address, no other info
required, to:
and you will get a copy within a day.  (We
will probably batch these daily to conserve 
server bandwidth.)  This offer will remain
open indefinitely, or until the support load
kills us.  <vbg>

Why do this today?  Well, as some of you may 
have guessed, I'm part Hobbit.  ;-)  And it's
my birthday, my 60th in fact.  So the Hobbit
tradition is that the birthday celebrant
*gives* a present to everyone who comes by.
Since my Hobbit hole is in a remote mountain,
I expect few visitors today, and thus must
send out the presents over the Net.  Enjoy!

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
   (jeremy@omsys.com)     http://www.omsys.com/
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