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Re: Conditions for cross references

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"Sachs, Baruch" wrote:

>   I want to have two colors for my crossreferences, plain black for printed
> manuals, and colored for PDFs. I know I can do this with conditonal text,
> but just want to know if anyone has any success with another, hopefully
> easier way?
> thanks,
> baruch


You can also define the cross-reference format to use a character tag to
supply the coloration
(as in an Xref definition like "<XREF_COLOR>See <$paratext> on page
<$pagenum></>" )

where <XREF_COLOR> is the character tag, and </> is the reset to the
default paragraph font.

and have two extremely simple files, that only have the XREF_COLOR tag
defined: one where is it black, and one where it is some other color,
such as blue (and maybe underlined as well to look like a classic
hypertext link).

Then, you just import the appropriate character tag to all files
immediately before generating your output: PS files for printing, or PS
-> PDF for online viewing.

I don't know if this qualifies as "another, hopefully easier" way, but
does avoid many of the issues with conditional text, especially updating
references (does NOT happen for hidden conditional text).

-- Lester
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