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Re: [FrameSGML] Re: Import by reference question

  Dan responded to your inquiry assuming that your text insets referenced
formatted FM+SGML documents. Like he, I'm not sure I understand what you
meant by "embedded SGML structure". However, I want to point out that
while a text inset can be a structured flow in an FM+SGML document, it
can also be an SGML document fragment. The latter is a text file containing
part of an SGML document instance, consisting of a sequence of complete
elements or text fragments. Since a single wrapper element containing the
entire structure is NOT needed, there are structures that can be defined
using SGML text insets that cannot be defined using FrameMaker text insets.
  As far as your original question, every FrameMaker text inset does
end at the end of a paragraph. If the result is a blank paragraph in your
document, the text formatting rules in your EDD will govern its format.
SGML text insets, however, do not force paragraph breaks. The SGML fragment
is parsed according to the DTD specified in the SGML application associated
with the FM+SGML document into which it is imported; this DTD must declare
all entities referenced by the fragment.

At 08:44 AM 12/4/00 -0800, Dan Emory wrote:
>At 03:28 PM 12/4/00 +0100, Adrie Berg wrote:
>>I import a lot of documents by reference. The imported documents are all 
>>framemaker files (.fm) with embedded SGML structure and a few 
>>paragraph-styles in it. The problem occurs at the bottom of the imported 
>>fragment. The paragraphstyle of the line right below the imported fragment 
>>has the same paragraph style of the first line in the imported fragment.
>The problem can only be solved by placing the entire text inset (in the 
>FM+SGML source file) in a wrapper element...
>FIRST, I'm not sure what you meant by "embedded SGML structure" in the 
>source document. 

Lynne A. Price
Text Structure Consulting, Inc.

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