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Re: Equation differences between AdobePS versions


Nothing to ever apologize about. These forums are about the exchange of
ideas and solutions. Sometimes we are "right" about our hunches and our
descriptions; sometimes "less right." In either case, we must allow each
other the latitude to "miss" once in a while ...

Virtually all of this is done via educated guess based upon experience.   (8^)>

        - Dov

At 12/4/2000 02:35 PM, Michael Cudmore wrote:
>I may yet owe you an apology; it is possible that I made the PDFs
>which had the spacing problems using the Laserjet printer instance,
>rather than Distiller. I had installed both printer instances but I am
>not sure that I used them both for their intended purposes when
>Under normal circumstances I do make sure to switch manually to
>Distiller as the active printer, then print to PS and distill from a
>watched folder. However it is possible that after I had seen the text
>spacing problems on screen in FrameMaker and when printed directly to
>the Laserjet 4, I departed from my checklist and fired off a few quick
>PDFs with the Laserjet printer still active. 
>I will now investigate whether, with Distiller as the active printer,
>the spacing problems appear onscreen in FrameMaker and in PDF. I am
>hopeful that using the Distiller, and reinstalling the Laserjet
>printer instance from a modified PPD will solve the problem. Dov, I am
>sorry if I have wasted your time, and I will let you and the lists
>know if problems remain after further testing under the known reliable
>Dov Isaacs wrote:
>> Michael,
>> Given that the PPD for Acrobat 3 is for a 2017 printer, the PPD
>> hack isn't going to help. The problem is with the driver's interpretation
>> of PPDs with a PostScript version < 2015. (That is why I made a guess
>> about your use of the LaserJet 4 printer instance.) If for some reason,
>> you are using a very ancient PPD for Acrobat 3 PostScript generation
>> (such as the PPD for Acrobat 2 or 2.1), then the PPD hacking would help.
>> Keep me in the loop as to what you find, please.
>>         - Dov
>Michael Cudmore

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