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Re: Equation differences between AdobePS versions


Given that the PPD for Acrobat 3 is for a 2017 printer, the PPD
hack isn't going to help. The problem is with the driver's interpretation
of PPDs with a PostScript version < 2015. (That is why I made a guess 
about your use of the LaserJet 4 printer instance.) If for some reason,
you are using a very ancient PPD for Acrobat 3 PostScript generation
(such as the PPD for Acrobat 2 or 2.1), then the PPD hacking would help.
Keep me in the loop as to what you find, please.

        - Dov

At 12/3/2000 10:40 PM, Michael Cudmore wrote:
>Dov Isaacs wrote:
>> This has been discussed quite a few times ad nauseum on these
>> lists. To find your most likely fix, go to
>> <http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/1a816.htm> and follow
>> its directions.
>I will try the PPD hack method. Thank you to Dov for the pointer (yes,
>I do recall reading about this problem and its solution some months
>ago, but obviously I had not kept the relevant messages.)
>> (I'll almost bet that you are creating PDF files from
>> the PostScript driver configured for the LaserJet 4 instead of
>> using the Distiller Assistant.)
>Lucky you didn't make that bet. I am not so thick-headed that I ignore
>good advice appearing daily in my mailbox. It's just the advice given
>a month or four ago that I might forget :-)
>Thanks also to Jason Aiken for pointing me to his useful contribution
>to InFrame issue 2 which covers this and other issues: 
>    http://www.inframe-mag.com/archive/files/vol1/1-2/ps2pdf.pdf
>Michael Cudmore

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