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Re: Adobe rep on Adobe website forum

> As Thomas and Tim have explained, many of us have been "around the block"
> more than a few times with what has seemed the Black Hole of Product
> Enhancement Requests. However, to be fair to Chita and in hopes of
> fostering the new wind of FM enthusiasm that seems to be sweeping through
> Adobe, I would encourage forum members to put our past dashed hopes behind
> us and to move forward with a renewed hope that Adobe really will listen
> to us this time.

Of course I welcome this initiative by Chita Hunter, but at the
same time wish to balance it with my own experiences.

I think it's safe to assume that those FM users who were to give
their enhancement requests to Chita would expect them to have
an influence on product development for the next version of FM.
Sadly, this has seemed to have had little effect in the past 5
years. The same things requested by new users today have been
requested by experienced FM users for more than 5 years.

Perhaps Adobe's appreciation of individual FM users has changed
recently, and they're now willing to improve the core functionality
of FM? (fixing bugs, long-standing enhancement requests, etc.)
That would be great! However, I personally tend to be somewhat
skeptical, and will not take part in another attempt to influence
Adobe until FM product management gives us an indication that they
really are interested in our feedback and really will pay attention
to individual users in the online communities, and not *only* to the
largest license holders and their official contact persons.

I don't expect anyone from Adobe to comment on the page
but it would be interesting if someone did.

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Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
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