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Re: Adobe rep on Adobe website forum

Note: this was originally posted to the Free Framers list.
I am cross-posting it to the TECHWR-L list.
A new Adobe person, Chita Hunter, has offered to accept
user requests for enhancements to FrameMaker on the Adobe
website forum. Below is Thomas Michanek's response to that
announcement, and my additional comments:
At 01:07 PM 10/20/00 +0200, Thomas Michanek wrote:
>Perhaps Adobe's appreciation of individual FM users has changed
>recently, and they're now willing to improve the core functionality
>of FM? (fixing bugs, long-standing enhancement requests, etc.)
>That would be great! However, I personally tend to be somewhat
>skeptical, and will not take part in another attempt to influence
>Adobe until FM product management gives us an indication that they
>really are interested in our feedback and really will pay attention
>to individual users in the online communities, and not *only* to the
>largest license holders and their official contact persons.
>I don't expect anyone from Adobe to comment on the page
>but it would be interesting if someone did.

I second what Thomas states, and can attest personally
to the truthfulness of everything stated on the web page
cited above.

Certainly, attention to the core functionality as described by
Thomas above is far more important than adding worthless
frills such as WWP lite. The only way Adobe is going to
get most of us to contribute is to do something like the

1. Provide an email address whose sole purpose is the
receipt of RFEs.

2. Provide an RFE request form. Presumably
this could done as an Acrobat form, or the headings
of the form could be prescribed, and those headings
must appear in the requestor's email.

3. Assign an RFE number to each valid request having the
needed degree of specificity, and notify the originator of
that number. If duplicate requests are received, assign all
of them the same number, and notify all of the originators
of the number.

4. Post a synopsis of each accepted RFE (with its number)
on the Adobe website as soon as it has been initially processed.
If the RFEs are properly categorized, this will help
eliminate the duplicate request problem.

5. At some point early in the process of deciding what is to
be included in the next release, offer all users the opportunity
to rank (via email) what they think should be the top 10 RFEs to
be included, and provide a running tally of the
number of votes received for each RFE on the web page
in 4 above. Accepting the votes via email will prevent users
from voting more than once.

6. When the next release is produced, all RFEs that were
included should be posted to the web page in 4 above.

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