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Adobe rep on Adobe website forum

[cross-posted to FreeFramers, FrameUsers, and the Adobe website forum]

On behalf of my fellow FM fanatics (pro and con!) on the forum, I'd like to 
welcome Chita Hunter to the community, and say how encouraged I am that 
you're "materializing" among us.

Assiduous lurkers will have already spotted Chita's recent postings on the 
"Death of FM" thread; Chita said:

 >> If you have suggestions for product enhancements, please start a new 
topic and post them here, so all can have a chance to add their input. I 
will make sure that they get passed along to FrameMaker's product managers.

Chita Hunter
      Web Community Specialist Print and ePaper Solutions
      Adobe Systems, Inc.
      chunter@adobe.com <<

As Thomas and Tim have explained, many of us have been "around the block" 
more than a few times with what has seemed the Black Hole of Product 
Enhancement Requests. However, to be fair to Chita and in hopes of 
fostering the new wind of FM enthusiasm that seems to be sweeping through 
Adobe, I would encourage forum members to put our past dashed hopes behind 
us and to move forward with a renewed hope that Adobe really will listen to 
us this time.

So, once more and with feeling -- welcome, Chita, and thank you for your 
time on the forum.

[note: the Adobe forums can be accessed via a newsreader as well as through 
a browser interface; in Netscape, the method is to add "adobeforums.com" as 
a news server, and then select the specific forums you wish to access.]

Sheila Carlisle              425/ 820-6708      Fax: 425/ 820-7590
Axial InfoSolutions Inc.  Database Publishing Solution Provider
Kirkland, Washington    Datazone's Miramo + Adobe FrameMaker

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