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Re: Adobe rep on Adobe website forum

seems that  this ground has been covered to little effect, several times.
Hopefully, something substantial will come out of this new inititative.

At least SnapToGrid=off is the default in Frame6. That's one successful
rfe, four or so years on. The bookwide find/replace is a definite
improvement.  Not sure that it justifies a full version increment.

Then again, nothing else is quite as stable as FrameMaker, and the bugs
are known and predictable, no?


Dan Emory wrote:

> A new Adobe person, Chita Hunter, has offered to accept
> user requests for enhancements to FrameMaker on the Adobe
> website forum. Below is Thomas Michanek's response to that
> announcement, and my additional comments ...

>> ... timber

Michael Heine            mheine@internorth.com

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