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Re: Adobe rep on Adobe website forum

At 1:07 PM +0200 10/20/00, Thomas Michanek wrote:

>I don't expect anyone from Adobe to comment on the page
>but it would be interesting if someone did.

I read it, but there are a limited number of useful comments I can make.

Our general formula for figuring what bugs to fix in a release include the number of users that have run into the problem, the availability and usefulness of a workaround, the severity of the problem, the amount of time it would take to fix, and the risk that something else would break. And the number of times Dov has yelled at me about it.

Tech Support and Dev Support contribute most of the bug-fix candidates to the list, based on calls they've received since the last release. A group of us (dev, QA, marketing, support) then review the list and set priorities based on the above criteria. This resulted in a list of 123 change requests in FM6, of which we fixed 81.

Corporate customers have the same issues as everyone else. Their special problems are generally related to particularly large applications of FM+SGML.

For what it's worth, I handed off the framemaker-feedback list to QA last month to condense down and summarize. We're going to try to bias our bug-fixing resources (versus new-feature resources) toward items from that list, particularly focusing on usability requests. This is not a commitment of any kind, but that's the current plan.


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