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Re: Adobe rep on Adobe website forum

From: "Lee Richardson" <lhr@Adobe.COM>
> >I don't expect anyone from Adobe to comment on the page
> >http://w1.133.telia.com/~u13304072/framers/adobe/rfes.html
> >but it would be interesting if someone did.
> I read it, but there are a limited number of useful comments I can make.

I understand that, even though I hope that someday Adobe will
recognize the benefits of actually communicating with users,
not only receiving feedback from them. This doesn't have to
mean commitments, promises or revealing business secrets, but
most users do want something back, other than "we cannot comment
on unannounced releases".

> For what it's worth, I handed off the framemaker-feedback list to
> QA last month to condense down and summarize. We're going to try to
> bias our bug-fixing resources (versus new-feature resources) toward
> items from that list, particularly focusing on usability requests.

I interpret this as you're talking about bug reports, not
enhancement requests. When Mark Hilton announced this email
address, he clearly stated that it was to be used for
"Product enhancement suggestions, marketing comments, and other
general product comments", whereas
"Reporting of specific problems (bugs) with the products should
continue to be logged through the normal tech support channels".

Have I misunderstood you or Mark?

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